Emma McGettrick

Gavin Mackinnon-Little

Sourcing the world's best oysters

From day one, we knew that the heart of Darby’s would be our beautiful emerald oyster bar. In such a striking space, we knew we needed to champion some of the best oysters in the world and for us, this began with a trip to our good pal, John Ward of Dooncastle Oysters in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland.


We have been working with John over the past few years and what he has achieved through pure determination and hard work on the remote land which has been in his family for four generations is truly incredible.  Dooncastle Oysters are a product of their environment along with a healthy dose of pure passion from John and his team.  Their minerality comes from the land, their saltiness from the sea and their sweetness from the time and patience that goes into the growing process.


John’s dedication, at times, has taken him from the wilds of Connemara over to us in South London whether it be to hand-deliver some of his beauties directly to our kitchen or to help Robin to shuck thousands of them on Paddy’s day at Trafalgar Square. We count ourselves beyond lucky that John has chosen us as one of his only two customers in the UK. His oysters will always take centre stage on our cherished bar.