It was through a stroke of pure luck when looking to source some superior smoked haddock for a Paddy’s day menu that we began to hear whisperings of London’s best-kept secret.  The Secret Smokehouse was mentioned (in hushed tones) over and again.  We managed to track down Max and he hand-delivered some of his finest salmon and haddock to us the very next day and thus a beautiful friendship was born.

From one bread fanatic to another


When we opened The Dairy back in 2013, it was our mission to create the best bread we could. We had a terrible gas lower-deck oven that enabled us to bake only one tray at a time, which caused fights over oven space. But we made it happen. Our bread has been one of the things that keeps our customers coming back. It has become integral to all that we do which is why we are taking it to a whole new level with our bakery at Darby’s.

Sourcing the world's best oysters


From day one, we knew that the heart of Darby’s would be our beautiful emerald oyster bar. In such a striking space, we knew we needed to champion some of the best oysters in the world and for us, this began with a trip to our good pal, John Ward of Dooncastle Oysters in Connemara on the west coast of Ireland.