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Thursday 16th June

The 16th of June is a very important date back in Robin's hometown in the south of Dublin. It was the date that James Joyce chose for the setting of 'Ulysses' which follows a day in the life of the infamous Leopold Bloom. In celebration, we are offering a one of a kind set lunch on Thursday featuring some dishes inspired directly from Joyce's creation such as:


“The feety flavour of green cheese” 

Davy Byrne's Gorgonzola sandwich 


'John's is now quite divorced from baking. Fattens, kills, flays, hangs, draws, quarters and pieces. Feel his lambs!'

Grilled lamb breast, champ, potato and onion pie


“Griddle cakes done to a golden brown hue and Queen Ann’s pudding of delightful creaminess” 

Strawberry bread pudding and meringue


Bookings are now open and we'd be mightily impressed if you showed up in Joycian attire!

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